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How do I install the Powerline Strike filter?

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How do I install the Powerline Strike filter?

The CPL Strike filter is installed between the output of the main circuit breaker and the power supply to your main electrical panel.

This intervention requires cutting off the power and connecting the CPL filter in accordance with the rules of the art.

Although it is simple, this intervention is not trivial because it intervenes on the power part of your electrical installation. This operation requires the intervention of a professional electrician .

Installing the CPL Strike filter

A single Strike filter to install to protect your entire home.

If your electricity meter is single-phase , you only have one CPL filter Strike to install to protect your entire home.

The Strike is very easy to install:

Two input wires, two output wires .

No earth connection .

Only three-phase installations require the installation of three CPL filters (one filter per phase).

And on a three-phase installation?

The rule is simple: 1 filter per phase .

On a three-phase installation, the total current is distributed over the 3 phases (therefore divided by 3). We speak of phase balancing. The intensity (A) of the CPL filter must be greater than or equal to the intensity of the phase it filters ( see table in question 4 ). Before ordering your CPL filter, you should therefore know the calibration of your current electricity meter.

Three-phase installation of the CPL Strike filter

For more information on installations with a three-phase Linky meter see this article: cpl-linky-triphase filter

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  • Installation filtre Strike
    By : Sophia On February 26th 2020

    Bonjour, Juste une question : sur votre site il est précisé que l'on peut installer votre filtre avant la pose du compteur Linky. Est-ce possible aussi après la pose du compteur Linky ?

    Replied by : CEM- BIOPROTECT Bonjour, Oui, le filtre peut être installé à tout moment. Avec ou sans Linky d’installé. Bien cordialement