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MFA500 - A professional device to measure the PLC of smartgrid

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The MFA500: A frequency analyzer to measure the Linky's PLC

The "MFA500" is a professional frequency analyzer designed to perform measurements, signal analyzes, recordings and modeling in 2D-3D, on the frequency band 3 kHz - 500 kHz on the AC home network up to 'at 600 VAC.

Integrated in a portable acquisition unit, it is connected directly to the electrical network (phase / neutral) and allows operation in 2 modes:

- In stand-alone mode it allows to:

• Display on a 15 LED bar graph the voltage levels of the measured frequencies between 3 kHz and 500 kHz, and on a scale of 52 dBµV to 130 dBµV (i.e. from 0.398 mV to 3.16 V on average, or from 1.13 mV to 8.94 V peak to peak)
• Select a frequency band to analyze from a catalog of 15 preconfigured filters

- In connected mode to a computer via a USB cable, the MFA500 performs the function of probe, interface and decoupling with the mains. The digital processing of the collected signals is carried out by the “MFA Viewer” software. A very fine and configurable analysis of frequencies between 3 kHz and 500 kHz is thus carried out using preconfigured filters and templates. The MFA VIEWER software allows the recording of signals, frequency spectra, and provides various 2D-3D models

The device works on accumulators, it is rechargeable via a standard USB charger, or via the connection to the computer

View product sheet MFA500

The MFA500: A tool eagerly awaited by our customers

Among our -many- customers who have equipped themselves with Powerline Strike filters, many of them have asked us: How to check the action of the Powerline Strike filter on the network?

Until then, we replied that the only solution is to call on one of our EMC or Bio-electrician consultant partners with the necessary experience and suitable measuring devices.

From now on we answer that it suffices to contact one of our partners equipped with the MFA500 and trained in its use.

This is the guarantee of obtaining a precise analysis of the electromagnetic pollution by the Linky's PLC in your home.

Measurements in space or on the network?

Until today, to measure the electromagnetic pollution generated on the network by the Linky PLC, there were only two possibilities:

  • Measurements on the network: For this type of measurement, only the oscilloscope allows reliable measurements with the help of special filters. But it's not really a "field" device. It is fragile, quite bulky, and rather intended for indoor measurements, placed on a worktop under laboratory conditions. Its use and the interpretation of the readings require in-depth knowledge of instrumentation.
  • Measurements in space: Many devices are able to measure - more or less - precisely low frequency electromagnetic fields in space. This is good, but it comes down to measuring the effects and not the cause. These are "blind" measurements because you don't know what you are measuring !!! How to distinguish the electromagnetic fields produced by the Linky from those produced by other devices? This is impossible, since you take into account the entire frequency range of what is called "dirty electricity".

So, how do you measure the interference of the Linky?

The MFA500 is THE safest and most efficient way to measure interference caused by the Linky meter and its hub.

The undeniable advantage of the MFA500 is its maneuverability and small size. It is a very practical and space-saving field device.

The MFA500 + laptop set (13 inches max) fits in the original case. This allows the user to move freely and take readings at any point on the network. For a 14-inch or larger computer, the assembly should be installed in a larger case.

Who is the MFA500 frequency analyzer designed for?

Electricians, bio-electricians, electrotechnicians, CEM consultants, geobiologists, technical agents of energy suppliers ... The MFA500 covers a wide range of utilities and applications on the LV (Low voltage) network.

It is not only an instrument for measuring CPL frequencies from 3 kHz to 500 kHz, it is also an instrument intended to identify all sources of electrical pollution on the network.

The MFA500 not only allows you to measure frequencies but also to recognize them.

Recognize and identify electromagnetic pollution

The Linky and their concentrators produce a quantity of parasitic frequencies that should be blocked at the entrance to your home by fitting a CPL filter (preferably a Strike!).

But even after installing a CPL filter, if you measure the electromagnetic pollution of your network with an unsuitable device (called an “electromagnetic pollution meter” or “dirty electricity meter”), well you will get unusable and often inconsistent results.


Because with these "consumer" and therefore "non-professional" devices, you don't know what you are measuring !!! These devices are unable to distinguish frequencies.

The CPL is indeed part of the dirty electricity ... but not all the dirty electricity comes from the CPL

When you take measurements, you have to know what you are measuring and in which unit (one of these dirty electricity meters also expresses "manufacturer" values. The manufacturer has developed its own unit of measurement !!! )

Common problem: You install a CPL filter but you still see high values ​​of dirty electricity with your “consumer” meter. You may therefore think - wrongly - that the CPL filter does not play its role, that it does not work or is inefficient ... while the pollution is coming from INSIDE your home. It cannot therefore be blocked by the CPL filter because it only acts on the incoming and outgoing frequencies of your network. A CPL filter (like the Strike) is designed to partition. It isolates your network from the outside network. It cannot act on frequencies produced INSIDE your network.

It's like a car: If you change the cabin filters to purify the air coming from the outside ... but you are driving with a passenger who smokes cigarette after cigarette ... windows closed ... your cabin will be even more polluted ... and your lungs will not benefit from it ... while the pollution coming from the outside will however be eliminated !!!

Likewise, many devices can pollute your electrical network INSIDE your home.

List (not exhaustive) of devices generating electromagnetic disturbances on the network:

  • Inverters (for photovoltaic panels and for IT).
  • Switching power supplies or electronic transformers type chargers (phone, tablet, PC, TV, Box, ...)
  • "brown" electrical appliances: LCD TV, LED, plasma, computer screen ...
  • Light intensity dimmers: remote dimmers, dimmers, ...
  • Household appliances: vacuum cleaner, washing machine, induction hob, oven
  • The "CPL" (line powerline) adapters used to create an internet network via your sockets.
  • Electronic transformers for low consumption lamps (compact fluorescent, etc.), neon lights.
  • Industrial installations: drives for motors, arc furnaces, various machines ...
  • Etc

The MFA500 allows you to identify each source and recognize it. Indeed, each of these electrical devices has its "signature". Its frequency curve is unique and recognizable. With a little experience and training in using the MFA Viewer software, you will be able to quickly distinguish and identify every spurious frequency on the network.

Enough to conduct an electromagnetic pollution audit of unequaled quality and precision ... in record time.

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