MFA500 - Multi-frequency analyzer - Special smartgrid CPL measurements


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Need to measure the CPL of the smartmeter?

The "MFA500" is a professional frequency analyzer designed to perform measurements, signal analyzes, recordings and modeling in 2D-3D, on the frequency band 3 kHz - 500 kHz on the AC home network up to 'at 600 VAC.

This pack contains: 1 MFA500 + carrying case + accessories + 1 year MFA Viewer license

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The MFA500: A professional tool for measuring the PLC of smartgrid networks

Product information MFA500

The "MFA500" is a professional frequency analyzer designed to perform measurements, signal analyzes, recordings and modeling in 2D-3D, on the frequency band 3 kHz - 500 kHz on the AC home network up to 'at 600 VAC.

Integrated in a portable acquisition unit, it is connected directly to the electrical network (phase / neutral) and allows operation in 2 modes:

- In stand-alone mode it allows to:

• Display on a 15 LED bar graph the voltage levels of the measured frequencies between 3 kHz and 500 kHz, and on a scale of 52 dBµV to 130 dBµV (i.e. from 0.398 mV to 3.16 V on average, or from 1.13 mV to 8.94 V peak to peak)
• Select a frequency band to analyze from a catalog of 15 preconfigured filters

- In connected mode to a computer via a USB cable, the MFA500 performs the function of probe, interface and decoupling with the mains. The digital processing of the collected signals is carried out by the “MFA Viewer” software. A very fine and configurable analysis of frequencies between 3 kHz and 500 kHz is thus carried out using preconfigured filters and templates. The MFA VIEWER software allows the recording of signals, frequency spectra, and provides various 2D-3D models

The device works on accumulators, it is rechargeable via a standard USB charger, or via the connection to the computer

See the MFA500 product sheet

The Professional Pack

The MFA500 is delivered in a black plastic carrying case (dimensions 32.5 x 28.5 x 7.5 cm) with all its accessories:

  • 2 plugs (red and black) for connection to the network (L 1.5m)
  • 1 male plug adapter 220V USB output
  • 1 USB-micro USB adapter cord to connect the MFA500 to a computer (L 1.70m)
  • 1 flat male plug without earth to be connected to the MFA500 for tests on sockets (L 2m)
  • 2 insulated long crocodile plugs
  • 2 insulated long contact plugs
  • 1 USB key containing documentation and MFA Viewer 3.0 software (license to be renewed annually)
  • 1 MFA Viewer 3.0 license valid for 1 year

MFA Viewer 3.0 software

MFA500 Powerline Strike Linky filter test report

For optimal use, the MFA500 should be connected to a laptop computer (not supplied) with the MFA Viewer 3.0 software installed

MFA Viewer 3.0 software allows very fine analysis of CENELEC A-B-C-D frequencies and CPL G3

Many features such as 2D and 3D signal modeling allow an immediately understandable visualization of the frequency level.

See the detailed test report: MFA500-Strike-Linky-Rapport-JPA

Intended for electrical network professionals, the MFA500 coupled with the MFA Viewer software is the reference tool for measuring PLC frames from smartmeters and concentrators.

The MFA500: A tool eagerly awaited by our customers

Among our customers who have equipped themselves with Powerline Strike filters, many of them asked us how to check the action of the filter on the network. We replied that there was no other solution than to call on one of our CEM consultant or Bio-electrician partners with the necessary experience and suitable measuring devices (on ).

From today we will answer that it is enough to contact one of our partner equipped with the MFA500 and trained in its use. This is the guarantee of obtaining a precise analysis of electromagnetic pollution in your home.

And you, how do you measure the interference of the Linky?

The MFA500 is THE safest and most efficient way to measure interference caused by the Linky meter and its hub.

The undeniable advantage of the MFA500 is its maneuverability and small size. It is a very practical and compact "field" device.

The MFA500 + laptop set (not supplied - 13 inches max) fits in the original case. This allows the user to move freely and take readings at any point on the network.

Who is this device for?

Electricians, bio-electricians, electrical technicians, CEM consultants, geobiologists, telecom technical agents, electricity suppliers ...

The MFA500 covers a wide range of utilities and applications on the LV (Low voltage) network.

It is not only an instrument for measuring CPL frequencies from 3 to 500 kHz, it is also an instrument intended to identify all sources of electrical pollution on the network.


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Rapport de mesures in situ effectuées avec le MFA500 avant et après la pose de filtres Strike Spica.

Download (9.38M)