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PLC filter for smartgrid 40A

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CPL 40A high performance anti-Linky protection filter. CENELEC A-B-C-D

This broadband CPL filter eliminates any "parasitic noise" (electromagnetic and radioelectric) from 35 to 500 kHz.

It prevents all the CPL of the Linky meter of Erdf-Enedis from entering your habitat.

Attenuation level: -40dB

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Data sheet

Operating Voltage 220/240Vac - 50/60Hz
Rated currents 40A
Typical power loss less than 2.0W *
Insulation voltage 2.5 kV
Ingress Protection rating IP 30
Operating temperature range -25°C to +50 °C
Short circuit tested (EN 60439) 10kA (EN 60439)
High surge protection capability 230 joules
Over load 1.6x rated current for 2h
Filtration range 35 kHz to 500 kHz
Mounting DIN-Rail 35 + Panel
Width 157,5 mm (9 modules on board)
Weight 1.4 kg
Connection - Terminals 6 mm² to 35 mm²

More info

The Strike 40A PLC filter - High performance smartmeter protection

This broadband CPL filter eliminates any "parasitic noise" (electromagnetic and radio) coming from outside your electrical network.
It is installed in your private part, between the output of your circuit breaker main and the arrival of your electrical panel ( (See the installation diagram) .
Your electrical network is thus protected from intrusion CPL meters Linky and their hubs.
The CPL filter must be installed by a professional electrician in the rules of the art.
This Strike filter 40A blocks all frequencies in the CENELEC ABCD Band and beyond.
It prevents any PLC current (from 35 KHz to 500 kHz ) from passing through your electrical panel and to propagate in your home.
It thus blocks all CPL emissions from the Linky meter of Erdf-Enedis (Both the Linky G1 meter and the G3).
< dl>CPL compatibilityIt can be used on a CPL-G3 network or any other CPL environment (roller shutters, etc ...).
PULSADIS compatibility
PULSADIS is the signal sent by EDF for peak / off-peak hours.
Your Tempo / EJP relay will receive the signal as before the installation of the filter CPL.
The carrier signal of the PULSADIS is at 175 Hz which is infinitely lower than the range of the CPL filter (from 35 kHz to 500 kHz). The PULSADIS signal is therefore not affected by the filtering. It passes the CPL filter unaffected and triggers your Tempo / EJP relay as usual.

CPL Strike Spica 40A filter compliance

Certification CECertification Reach CompliantCertification RoHS

DI 2004/108 / EC European Directive on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

EN-50065-1 Specification for signaling on low voltage electrical installations in the frequency range from 3 kHz to 148 kHz.

IEC-60950-1 Information processing equipment.

Made in EU.

Test of the Strike Spica 63A PLC filter


Test of the PLC Strike Spica 63A "In situ" filter

This report details the measurement results obtained in real conditions in a pavilion equipped with a Linky meter in service .

The measurements were taken before and after the installation of the PLC filter

These tests validate the excellent performance of the Strike Spica 63A anti-smartmeter PLC protection filter

Use of a "special smartgrid" measuring instrument

This report also highlights the incredible performance of the tool used to carry out these measurements, the MFA500 . It is a professional frequency analyzer designed to perform measurements, signal analyzes, recordings and modeling in 2D-3D, on the frequency band 3 kHz - 500 kHz on the AC household network up to 600 VAC.

Intended for electrical network professionals, the MFA500 coupled with the MFA Viewer software is the reference tool for measuring PLC frames from smartmeters and concentrators.

See the Linky measurement report with Strike Spica 63A PLC filter


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Jaroslaw M. on 2020-09-26 Super produit, fiabilité accrue.
Electricien Annecy
rating Laure M
Laure M. on 2019-11-24 je suis entièrement satisfaite de ce filtre qui nous protège parfaitement bien
rating Filtre ondes LINKY
Jeanpaul B. on 2019-11-12 Pleinement satisfait du produit. Nous avons constaté un mieux être après installation. A recommander pour les personnes sensibles.




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