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Who manufactures the CPL Strike filters

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Who makes the CPL Strike filters?

Strike filters are manufactured by the Spica company

Sold exclusively by since January 2017, Strike filters have since proven themselves to many customers, both individuals and professionals.

In just a few months, they have become the benchmark CPL filter for EHS people (ElectroHyperSensitive). The customer reviews speak for themselves < / p>

The Strike filter completely reduces "noise" on the network. These noises are portrayed in this video as "howling pins".

It's a pretty good metaphor and quite humorous.

In which country are Strike filters manufactured?

Strike filters are manufactured in Belgium by the company Spica.

Spica has extensive experience in the manufacture of inductive electrical and electronic components for construction and industry.

It is distinguished by the robustness and quality of its components, which allows it to guarantee its filters an MTBF (service life) of 20 years.

As you can see in this video, Spica has very modern premises.

You can see the assembly line of Strike 63A filters from 00:20

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