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Three-phase Linky PLC filter

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Choose a CPL filter for a single-phase or three-phase Linky meter?

Single-phase Linky PLC filter - Three-phase Linky PLC filter - How to choose?

You will find in this article clear answers to choose your CPL filter adapted to your single-phase or three-phase Linky meter.

What is three-phase current?

The three-phase electrical installations are quite rare for individuals, but in some cases it is necessary to install three separate electrical circuits which will each supply a part of the electrical installation of the home.

The three-phase current is made up of three phases and a neutral . The three phases are three currents of the same power, of the same frequency and of the same amplitude, but which are out of phase. They are therefore independent of each other. For example, we could divide a three-storey building with a power of 9 kVA with three phases of 3 kVA.

In which cases do you use three-phase?

  • Buildings with high consumption electricity. If the subscribed power is greater than or equal to 18 kVA, the intensity of the current is too high for a single phase. We therefore switch to three-phase.
  • Equipment whose motors require three-phase installation: bread ovens, heat pumps, machine tools, etc.
  • Electricity meter too far from the point of consumption. To avoid energy losses, because they are lower with three-phase than with single-phase.

Technical progress means that three-phase equipment is becoming increasingly rare.

Three-phase installation - How many CPL filters do you need to install?

My installation is equipped with a three-phase Linky meter. Is there a specific three-phase STRIKE CPL filter?

No, there is no three-phase Linky PLC filter:

  • If your installation is in single phase (most common case) a single CPL filter STRIKE is necessary to protect all the electrical circuits of your home.
  • If your installation is three-phase = & gt; three CPL filters STRIKE are necessary for the whole home.

How do I know if my installation is single-phase or three-phase?

This information is not mentioned on your electricity bill. Only the subscribed power is mentioned in kVA (Kilovolt-amperes)

The only way to know if your Linky meter is single phase or three phase is to take a closer look .

It does not matter whether it is old or recent, just look upstream of your electricity meter (top) and downstream of your meter (bottom). Where power wires come and go.

  • If you only see two cables: a red * (the phase) and a blue (the neutral) it means that you have a single phase installation . It only has one phase
  • If you see four cables: three red * (the 3 phases) and one blue (the neutral) it means that you have a three-phase installation . It has three phases

(*) In old installations the phases can be brown or black.

Calibration and subscribed power

What is the calibration of an electricity meter?

This is the maximum apparent electric power (in kVA) that an electric meter can deliver without tripping.

How do I know my calibration?

  • On the old electric meters blue or black with toothed wheel (electromechanical) it is enough to look at the inscriptions which appear there.
  • On the new white electric (electronic) meters press the "selection" button twice.
  • On the last fluorescent green electric meters (Linky) press the + and - keys to scroll through the information.
  • On your electricity bill find the line where the subscribed power is indicated (in kVA).

The subscribed power is a value of 3 to 36 kVA (3,6,9,12,15,18,24,30 et 36 kVA)

How do I choose my STRIKE CPL filter?

The rule is simple: 1 filter per phase .

The intensity (A) of the CPL filter must be greater than or equal to the intensity of the phase it is filtering (see table below). < / span>

On a three-phase installation, the total current is distributed over the 3 phases (therefore divided by 3). We are talking about phase balancing.

Before ordering your CPL filter, you should therefore know the calibration of your current electricity meter.

Once your calibration is known, all you have to do is search this table for the STRIKE filter corresponding to the power of your installation.

Meter power (kVA) Counter current (A) CPL STRIKE filter
Single phase Three phase
3 15 - Single phase: 1 filter 25A
6 30 10 Single phase: 1 40A filter
Three phase: 3 25A filters *
9 45 15 Single phase: 1 63A filter
Three phase: 3 25A filters *
12 60 20 Single phase: 1 63A filter
Three phase: 3 25A filters *
15 75 25 Three-phase: 3 filters of 25A *
18 90 30 Three-phase: 3 filters of 40A *
24 - 40 Three-phase: 3 filters of 40A *
30 - 50 Three-phase: 3 filters of 63A
36 - 60 Three-phase: 3 filters of 63A

Can we overcalibrate CPL filters?

Yes, because "Who can do more can do less".

Three-phase Linky CPL filter and over-calibration :

On a three-phase electrical installation, the total current is distributed equally over the 3 phases (therefore divided by 3). This is called phase balancing. For example, on a three-phase installation of 15 kVA (i.e. 75A in single-phase), each of the 3 phases will receive a maximum of 25A.

But sometimes these phases are not well balanced. And that one of them can take more current than it should.

To overcome this problem, nothing prevents you from overcalibrating your installation by putting three 40A filters in place of the three 25A filters normally provided.

Some examples of overcalibration:

  • Single-phase: 1 40A filter instead of 25A on a 3 kVA installation.
  • Three-phase: 3 filters of 40A (instead of 3 of 25A) on an installation of 6, 9, 12 or 15 kVA
  • Three-phase: 3 63A filters on a 24 kVA installation.

Your filters will thus have an additional power margin. This will allow you to add more electrical circuits to your switchboard in the future without problems. In addition, by putting 40A filters instead of 25A you also benefit from a more efficient attenuation (-70 dB instead of -40 dB) because the 25A filter does not exist in -70dB.

In all these cases, do not hesitate to over-calibrate, especially in three-phase if your phases are poorly balanced.

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