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How to choose your CPL Strike filter?

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The Strike CPL filter is available in three models . Strike filters are power devices designed to filter CPL frames at the source of your installation. To choose the one that suits your case, you just need to know the power of your installation . And more precisely the calibration of your electricity meter .

What is calibration?

This is the maximum apparent electric power (in kVA) that an electric meter can deliver without tripping.

How do I know the calibration of my meter?

  • On the old electric meters blue or black with toothed wheel (electromechanical) it is enough to look at the inscriptions which appear there.
  • On the new white electricity meters (electronic) press the "selection" key twice.
  • On the last fluorescent green electric meters ( Linky ) press the + and - keys to scroll through the information. -
  • On your bill find the line where the subscribed power is indicated (in KVA).

Which Strike filter to choose?

Before ordering your CPL Strike filter, you must know the calibration of your current electric meter .

Once your calibration is known, all you have to do is search this table for the Strike filter corresponding to your installation.

Meter power (kVA) Counter current (A) CPL Strike filter
Single phase Three phase
3 15 - Single phase: 1 filter 25A
6 30 10 Single phase: 1 40A filter
Three phase: 3 25A filters *
9 45 15 Single phase: 1 63A filter
Three phase: 3 25A filters *
12 60 20 Single phase: 1 63A filter
Three phase: 3 25A filters *
15 75 25 Three-phase: 3 filters of 25A *
18 90 30 Three-phase: 3 filters of 40A *
24 - 40 Three-phase: 3 filters of 40A *
30 - 50 Three-phase: 3 filters of 63A
36 - 60 Three-phase: 3 filters of 63A

How do I choose my Strike filter?

The rule is simple: 1 filter per phase .

The intensity (A) of the CPL filter must be greater than or equal to the intensity of the phase it is filtering (see table above). < / span>

On a three-phase installation, the total current is distributed over the 3 phases (therefore divided by 3). We are talking about phase balancing.

Before ordering your CPL filter, you should therefore know the calibration of your current electricity meter.

* NOTE: Although the filters withstand overcurrents up to 1.6 times the nominal load (for 2 hours), nothing prevents you from over-calibrating by putting for example:

  • Single-phase: 1 40A filter instead of 25A on a 3 KVA installation to benefit from more efficient attenuation (70 dB instead of 40 dB).
  • Three-phase: 3 filters of 40A (instead of 3 of 25A) on an installation of 6, 9, 12 or 15 KVA
  • Three-phase: 3 63A filters on a 24 KVA installation.

In all these cases, do not hesitate to over-calibrate, especially if your phases are poorly balanced.

Why are there two 40A filters - which one to choose?

The two 40A filter models are perfectly effective against PLC signals emitted by Linky meters and their concentrator. Both in CPL G1 and CPL G3

40dB is the minimum attenuation necessary for good filtering of PLC signals.

The 40A-70dB filter provides an average attenuation of -60dB over the Linky range (35 kHz to 95 kHz). It focuses on the electromagnetic pollution of the Linky.

The 40A-40dB filter provides an average attenuation of -40dB over a wider range (35 kHz to 500 kHz). It accentuates the filtration of electromagnetic pollution from other equipment in the home (home automation, etc.) called "dirty electricity" or "dirty electricity".

If you have EHS and have only seen symptoms since Linky's arrival, then 40A-70dB is best for you.

If you already had symptoms before the arrival of the Linky, then it is better to filter all other sources of pollution (dirty electricity) in addition to the Linky and choose the 40A-40dB filter.

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  • sujet:filtre CPL LINKY pour 3 KVA
    By : CHRISTIANE On January 5th 2020

    Bonsoir, 6 compteurs LINKY (je dis bien 6...) vont être installés à moins de 2 mètres de ma porte (je suis en milieu de palier, et les compteurs de mes voisins sont tous dans le couloir collectif face à mon logement) QUESTION: faut il que je paye donc 6 filtres pour me protéger efficacement puisque nos fils électriques ne sont pas blindés (HLM....) Cela risque d'arriver bientôt, bien que j'ai manifesté mon refus en LR .AR à ENEDIS en 2018. JE suis prête à le faire.....(combien 1000 euros ???) ....

    Replied by : CEM- BIOPROTECT Bonjour, Nous vous conseillons la lecture de la question 17 sur notre page Questions/Réponses : L'idéal serait de convaincre vos voisins de s'équiper eux aussi d'un filtre CPL. Cordialement, Cem-bioprotect