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Why equip yourself with a CPL filter to protect yourself from the Linky?

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Protect yourself from electrosmog

Every day, many technologies producing electromagnetic fields pollute our environment. This amount of electromagnetic pollution is called electro-smog . An Anglo-Saxon neologism designating the electromagnetic fog in which most of us are immersed almost permanently.

What are the consequences of prolonged exposure to EMF?

A growing proportion of citizens are worried about the potential harmful effects that this exposure could have on living beings. The greatest scientists have contradictory opinions on the dangerousness of EMF (ElectroMagnetic Fields) for the human body. No one can predict in the medium or long term, the effects on the metabolism of such exposure to EMF. Faced with this uncertainty, the precautionary principle is in order. Better safe than sorry ...

The Linky meter emits CPL

The problem with Linky's Powerline Powerline (Power Line Powerline) currents is that they are spreading everywhere . They spread throughout the network and obviously do not stop at the meter. They cross it without problem. Whether you are equipped with a Linky meter or an old meter, the CPL currents produced by the Linky and their concentrator enter freely in your home and circulate in all the electric cables, < / strong> as well as all connected equipment and materials.

The Linky's CPL frames produce CEM

The passage of these CPL frames in your private network causes an electromagnetic field (EMF) in all the electric cables of your home , making them radiate up to approximately 2 meters. Your home is therefore transformed into a real generator of EMF. The electrical cables in your home not being shielded , they behave like relay antennas emitting radio frequencies.

Numerous measurements carried out in situ by bio-electricians and geobiologists in different departments in France have shown that a network equipped with Linky receives a CPL frame (pulse) every 5, 10 or 20 seconds… 24/24 … 365 days / year. EHS (ElectroHyperSensitive people) feel this electromagnetic pollution as aggression .

Just like background noise , which although low in intensity, always ends up being irritating due to its incessant activity. This is why in technical language we speak of "noise" on the network to designate the interference of which CPL currents are a part.

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